The GERL is not a hotel.

At least, not only.

You can stay with us overnight – or just have a good time. Relax. Work. Celebrate. Eat and drink well. Hang out with friends. Enjoy sports. Listen to music. Float around in the pool. Take a vacation – for three weeks, or just an afternoon. Lie in the grass and look at the stars. Be human.

Unblemished nature meets modern ambience. Traditional hospitality combines with urban lifestyle. A wonderful mountain view with an optimal connection to the city center. NATURALLY URBAN. The link between these apparent opposites are our guests – and us.

The Gerl family & the GERL team

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Feel naturally urban

Comfort. Individuality. Water. Fire. Earth. Humanity.
NATURALLY URBAN stands for a lively togetherness. Whether a simple single room, elegant double room, spacious superior room or a comfortable family suite. Whether lounge, bar, lobby, restaurant or spa.

NATURALLY URBAN is our approach towards life itself. A closeness to nature connects with the colorful inspiration of urban space…and to people who value sociability, relaxation and enjoyment as much as we do.

we love it

Wals, a legendary community next to the city of Salzburg. Many traditional farms grow countless varieties of fresh, crisp vegetables on large fields, providing the city as well as the entire region with healthy vitamin-rich produce. Rural idyll – on the one hand.

On the other hand, it is also only a stone’s throw from Salzburg’s historic old town, airport, exhibition center, outlet center, stadium and Hangar 7. In terms of location, we are ideally connected – and hence, NATURALLY URBAN.


NATURALLY URBAN, close to the city and close to nature. We love and appreciate the beautiful nature surrounding us – so it makes sense that we do our part to take care of it. This is why we place such a high priority on natural, regional and sustainably produced products. We care about energy efficiency and have an appreciative, resource-saving focus on the use of water, food and other consumergoods throughout the hotel. These things are important to us, so this is how we live – every single day.

We clean primarily with steam devices, which disinfect up to 99.9%, so that we can largely do without chemical cleaning agents. We have also eliminated the useof plastic straws and PET bottles as well as one-way bathing slippers (flip flops can be purchased at the reception for a small fee).

During our renovations, we took care to ensure that our trees, which were up to 90 years old, were not disturbed. To make sure that our beautiful maple tree will continue to be around for many more years, we simply built our pool lounge around it.